Friday, February 21, 2014

Apa Kata Hati? #14

Selamat Sejahtera!

Wow! It has been a long time since the last post that I had posted here. Its not that dont have time to post it but actually I'm not in the mood to write because I'm not the kind of person that always have an idea to write and writing is not my hobby. Seriously. But when the mood is there, I will write.

So the last post is two or three days before i went to INTEC. *INTEC EDUCATIONAL COLLEGE* And this post is after 5 month I stayed or should i said musafir at Jordan. Alhamdulillah praise to Allah everything was going smoothly for the first semester and now, the second semester is just begin. It's quite tough I think because we gonna learn the basic thing in medic takhasus. I pray to Allah may Allah ease me and open my heart to accept all the ilmu that the lecturer tell and make me love the ilmu with all my heart. Ameen.

Last week I went to a conference about educational that was held at University Of Jordan at Amman. *University ni nyenyaris jek saya nak masuk.leuls.* One thing that touch my heart is when one of the penceramah said that when you love the ilmu insyaaAllah the muaddal or in english we called pointer will come to us. 2 in 1. But when you only focus to get high muaddal, what is the point you are studying? Only for the imtihan? Useless my brother and sister. *saya pun memang sangatlah tersentap bak hang waktu tu!* You want to be like ROKAN? *baca : Robot Pendidikan*  ROKAN ialah insan yang hanya belajar-exam-belajar-exam. Sepertinya dia belajar hanya kerana exam! Aduh, Sungguh malang sekali pabila kita menjadi seperti ROKAN. 

Then, i said to myself, you need to learn how to love the ilmu. That is the purpose of your study not just to pass the exam but also untuk amalkan what had you learnt . Logically, when you love something you will try and give your best to that thing and you will always put it in your heart. Same goes to ilmu. If you love it, it will come to you and you can do your best in yourlife. InsyaaAllah. 

Kalau sekadar belajar sebab nak exam, tak kemana kita pergi. Harini belajar semangat-semangat, hafal segala term-term tapi lepas exam terus lupa. Astaghfirullahalazim. This is not what we want. Aiwah, marilah sama-sama kita duduk dan berfikir sejenak, muhasabah diri kita balik, sentiasa tajdid niat. I'm not a perfect person, always do mistake like people out there but I just want to share with you what I had got. When i wrote this, i always reflect it back to myself. *kiranya sambil tulis sambil berfikir akan kekurangan diri dan sentap dengan kata-kata sendiri*

This is only some opinion from me. Nak terima boleh tak nak pun tidak mengapa. Kalau ada pendapat lain boleh la share dengan saya. :) Maaf di atas kecampuran bahasa inggeris melayu and arab. Aseefah.

Terima Kasih
Yu'tikal 'Afiah, Allahu Yusamik.

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